UCSF International Affiliations Overview and Resources

Types of Affiliations


International Proposals / Grants, Contracts, and Sub-awards / Subcontracts

Involve funding

These types of agreements require specific activities and involve funding. For more information, please refer to the Office of Sponsored Research website.

MOUs, Teaming Agreements, International Research or Collaboration Agreements, and Professional Services Agreements

May or may not involve funding

These collaborations may be funded or unfunded but are usually project-specific. Refer to the International Agreements Matrix and the Matrix Detailed Descriptions for email contacts, procedures, and directions.

International Umbrella Affiliations: IIAAs and IUAAs

Do not involve funding

International Unit Affiliation Agreements (IUAAs) and International Institutional Affiliation Agreements (IIAAs) are overarching unfunded agreements for broad and significant collaboration over time involving 2 or more UCSF schools or campus units, and usually lasting for five years. The difference between these two types of affiliations is one of scope. Sub-agreements are required for specific activities, which may involve funding.

When creating this type of affiliation, please review the UC and UCSF Principal International Affiliations to see if UCSF faculty or staff already are engaged in collaborations with your target site, and, if so, reach out to them to share opportunities and information. For more information, including email contacts, procedures, and directions, please see the International Agreements Matrix and the Matrix Detailed Descriptions.

International Training Affiliation Agreements

Do not involve funding

These training agreements may be campus-wide or more restricted. Please review the UCSF International Training Affiliation Agreements to check current training collaborations, and the Training Affiliation Agreement Overview for further information.