Agreements Requiring Approval from UCOP

Briefly, international activities that require this high level of approval from the Regents, the President, or the UC Provost involve agreements regarding:

  • non-health-related corporations, partnerships, and other entities, except for investment purposes
  • UC Health-related joint ventures, partnerships, corporations, or other business entities
  • exceptions to approved UC programs and policies or involving obligations for expenditures without an established fund source or which require new facilities construction
  • direct financial obligations or commitments to not-previously-approved programs with other institutions or hospitals
  • indemnification of third parties
  • establishment of international subsidiaries or operations wherein UC shares governance with another entity
  • facilities construction or acquisition of real property
  • involvement of UC system-wide or UCEAP

Refer to the UCOP Checklist for International Affiliations for details and explanation on the types of affiliations that require this higher level of UCOP approval.

Refer to the UC International Activities Policy for a full policy explanation of UCOP international affiliation issues.